Mallorca Wedding Ceremony Advice

Planning your Wedding Ceremony in Mallorca is one of the most important & special parts of your day, here are some words of wisdom from the wonderful Glynis German - Mallorca Wedding Celebrant. 

For those of you getting married this summer, you should have already started work on your ceremony if you’re using a celebrant for the job! Your choices for the music and any readings should be in place and it’s important that you remember that the ceremony will reflect who you two are...

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An ideal start to your wedding day in Mallorca begins with a personalised ceremony which include the rituals of your vows to each other and the exchange of rings to seal the deal.  Not every couple is a best selling author with the time and creativity to knock out some tear jerking vows but every couple should know what they are promising their future spouse.

To make your vows truly personal, why not enjoy a date night together and ask yourselves and each other what is it you promise to do during your marriage.  Be authentic and sincere. Just promising to make time and listen to each other, especially when the day to day stresses can take over, is huge and we are only human after all. If you’re a naturally funny couple, make your guests laugh too - married life is not meant to be serious and straight all the time!

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The ceremony is the most sacred moment of your big day.  It’s when you see each other for the first time in all your finery at the end of the aisle and it’s when you finally say I do before family and friends. The ceremony, done well will have lifted the energy of your wedding to an all time high.  A ceremony with meaning and with a suitable amount of laughter and tears will have your guests talking about it for a long time to come.  A ceremony that is creatively put together, personalised and well written is a ceremony that will strike ever-lasting love into the hearts of your guests.

And remember, it’s your day and just one of hundreds of special days that you’ll spend with your husband/wife to be!

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Words by Glynis German

Images by Billie @ Lane Productions & Charlie Dailey

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